John 11:54 Commentary - Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary

1) "Jesus therefore walked no more openly among the Jews;” (ho oun lesous ouketi parresia periepatei en tois loudaiois) "Then Jesus walked no more, or no longer, openly among the Jews," for His "hour had not yet come." He had once before withdrawn from them, to avoid stirring up any social or political rebellion among and against the Jewish leaders who had made it known that they intended to liquidate Him, when they felt it was convenient, Joh 7:25,

2) "But went thence unto a country," (alla apelthen ekeithen eis ten choran) "But he went away from there into the country," to avoid precipitating matters further, leaving Bethany and the Jerusalem area, to the country of Bethaven, a few miles northeast of Jerusalem.

3) "Near to the wilderness," (engus tes ere mou) "Near the desert," or near an uninhabited area.

4) "Into a city called Ephraim," (eis Ephraim legomenen polin) "Into a city that is called Ephraim," now known as Et Taiyebeh, about 13 miles Northeast of the city of Jerusalem, some five or six miles east of Bethel, 2Ch 13:19; 2Sa 13:23; Also known as Ophrah, Jos 18:23.

5) "And there continued with his disciples." (kakei emeinen meta ton matheton) "And he remained out there with the disciples," who had followed Him recently, from beyond Jordan to Bethany, and some of whom had followed Him from the baptism of John, and the beginning of His ministry, Joh 11:40-41; Joh 11:7; Joh 11:16; Joh 15:16; Joh 15:27; Act 1:21-22.

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