John 11:50 Commentary - Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary

1 ) "Nor consider that it is expedient for us," (oude logizesthe hoti sumpheri humin) "Nor do you calculate, reckon, or realize that it is to our benefit or advantage," to our immediate welfare, and security of our jobs or positions. Here was a wicked priest of Israel advocating job security, through expediency, rather than truth, right, and justice, Joh 18:14; Act 4:6; Deu 10:12; Mic 6:8.

2) "That one should die for the people," (hina heis anthropos apothane huper tou laou) "In order that one should die on behalf of the people," as a political martyr, which Jesus was not, to save a nation from being taken away by the Romans, Joh 11:48; Isa 53:8. The idea is, if our religious positions are taken away by Caesar, because our race of people follow this Jesus man, we will not any longer have a nation, built around the Mosaic law, which was now having its fulfilled worship abolished in Christ, whom they rejected. Yet had they known they were to have a better fellowship or house of worship in Christ, as described Heb 3:1-6.

3) "And that the whole nation perish not." (kai me holon to ethnos apoletai) "And that all the nation perish not, "or be destroyed not, at the hands of the Romans. Though they themselves, in rejecting Him as Savior, were destroyers or their own nation, Joh 1:11-12; Mat 23:37,39; Luk 21:24.

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