John 11:48 Commentary - Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary

1) "If we let him thus alone," (ean aphomen auton houtos) "if we let him go on like this," performing miracles, Joh 2:10-11; Mar 2:10-11; Joh 3:2; Joh 12:19; Joh 20:30-31; and fulfilling prophecies, as He claims He has done, Isa 7:14; Mat 1:18-23; Mat 3:1-8; etc. If we do no more than we have done to stop His miracles or to silence His voice, Deu 18:15-19.

2) "All men will believe on him:” (pantes pisteusousin eis auton) "All men will believe in him," the masses will turn from us, from the program of Moses' Law that we espouse, and receive Him, and His New Covenant order of church fellowship and service, so less formal, cold, and ceremonial than ours.

3) "And the Romans will come," (kai eleusontai hoi hromaioi) "And the Romans (Roman government) will come." Yes, they visualized Caesar's coming and forbidding them to further impose temple tax, synagogue tax, and other oppressive traditions upon the Jewish laity, in favor of Jesus Christ, and His followers. So long as they behaved themselves among themselves, not inciting any insurrection against Rome, Rome cared nothing about their religious differences.

4) "And take away both our place and nation." (kai arousin hemon kai ton topon kai to ethnos) "And they will take away or remove (abolish) both our official religious places, (our jobs) and our nation." Here is the "rub," really; It was their official religious positions of honor that concerned them, not the glory of God. It was love for their nationality, in rebellion against God, to which their loyalty was attached, that led them to reject their own offered Redeemer and His pleas to them, Mat 23:37.

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