John 11:40 Commentary - Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary

1 ) "Jesus saith unto her," (legei aute ho lesous) "Jesus says to her directly, personally," to Martha, to restrain the struggle and fear in her mind, of what might happen when the stone was taken up and away from the entrance to the tomb, as He had commanded, Joh 11:39.

2) ''Said I not unto thee," (ouk eipon soi) "Did I not tell you," explain and certify upon my honor to you, when I spoke to you first, as the head of the family now, when you first came out to meet me, Joh 11:20-24.

3) "That if thou wouldst believe," (hoti ean pisteuses) "That if you believe," Joh 11:25. Believers are to believe, when they make petitions to God to do something for them, else the prayer requests are in vain, Jas 1:6-7. And Jesus had said these things to strengthen Martha's faith to the visitors of her brother's resurrection from the grave.

4) "Thou shouldest see the glory of God?" (opse ten doksan theou) "You will see (recognize) the glory of God?" and that your brother would rise again, before you, Joh 11:23; Joh 11:25. For this death had happened that Jesus might be glorified, as the Son of God, and might glorify God, Joh 11:4; Joh 17:4.

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