John 11:39 Commentary - Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary

1) "Jesus said, Take ye away the stone." (legei ho lesous arate ton eithon) "Jesus said, you all lift the stone," from the entrance to the cave that had become the grave of Lazarus. Lift, take, or bear the stone away, the stone entrance, was the command of the Lord; It was a shockingly unusual command. He asked that the people do what they were able, to show obedient faith, Joh 2:5; Jas 1:22; Joh 15:4.

2) "Martha, the sister of him that was dead, saith unto him," (legei auto he adelphe tou teteleutekotos Martha) "Martha the sister of the one who had died (of Lazarus) said," as the mistress of the home, the family affairs, always speaking out her opinion, Joh 11:21; Joh 11:24; Luk 10:38-42.

3) "Lord, by this time he stinketh:” (kurie ede ozei) "Lord, he already smells," that is, she supposed he did. With her strong faith she was astounded that her Lord would attempt to interfere or come near the dead body of her brother, Lazarus. Contrast this with our Lord who in death saw no corruption, Psa 16:10; Act 13:36-37.

4) "For he hath been dead four days." (tetartaios gar estin) "Because it is four days," since he died. He is four days dead, indicating her fear of his exposure to a bad odor of her decomposing, un-embalmed brother. Some believe the precious ointment Mary later used to anoint Jesus had been first bought to anoint Lazarus, but was never used, Joh 12:3. Those who knew best knew he had died, his death had taken place, witnessed by 1 ) Martha, Joh 11:21; Joh 11:39; by 2) Mary, Joh 11:32; and by 3) the Jews, Joh 11:37. That he was dead was therefore sustained by incontestable evidence of two or three witnesses, as required to satisfy Jewish law, so that there was no collusion in the reported miracle that followed, though recounted in John's Gospel only, Deu 19:15; 2Co 13:1.

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