John 11:38 Commentary - Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary

1 ) "Jesus therefore again groaning in himself," (lesous oun palin embrimomenos en heauto) "Then Jesus again while groaning in himself," or being deeply moved, shuddering in emotions, as a man, as we are, Heb 4:14 -16.

2) "Cometh to the grave." (erchetai eis to mnemeion) "Came to the tomb," to the grave by His own choice; The tomb was a cave or cavern, either hewn out of rock or natural, like that which Abraham bought from Ephron in Machpelah at Hebron for a burial place, Gen 21:9; Gen 21:16-20. Or it was first a natural cave, cavern, or den, partly hewn in a fitting shape for a burial place.

3) "It was a cave," (hen de spelaion) "Then it was (existed as) a cave," in the earth, not hewn out by man, a natural cave, Though the one where our Lord was soon buried thereafter was a hewn cave belonging to Joseph of Arimathea, a rich man, Isa 53:9, Mat 27:60.

4) "And a stone lay upon it." (kai lithos ekeito ep' auto) "And a stone was lying upon it," upon the entrance to it, on the entrance to prevent wild carnivorous animals from entering to desecrate the body, Mat 27:60; Mat 27:66.

The place was apparently a private tomb of the family, which would have implied some family wealth, to claim or purchase it as their own, as Abraham and Joseph of Arimathaea had done.

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