John 11:34 Commentary - Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary

1) "And said, Where have ye laid him?" (kai eipen pou tetheikate auton) "And he said, where have you all put him?" Not because He did not know, but for their testimony and invitation for Him to follow them to the tomb.

2) "They said unto him, Lord," (legousin auto kurie) "They responded to him, Lord;- Martha and Mary jointly, followed by the wailing Jewish women witnesses, respectfully addressed Him as Lord, Master of life and death, Joh 14:6; Rev 1:18.

3) "Come and see." (erchou kai ede) "Come of your own accord and see for yourself," certainly not expecting the miracle that they were about to see. All that man could do would end with coming to see, but not so with the Lord. For He was the giver of life, and the restorer to life, Joh 10:18; Not only was He to come forth from death later but He was also to demonstrate for the third time by a miraculous example that He could raise from the dead, as He had previously raised both the widow's son of Nam and Jarius' daughter: 1 ) Luk 7:11-17; Luk 7:2) Luk 8:49-56; Luk 8:3) Joh 11:43-46.

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