John 11:32 Commentary - Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary

1) "Then when Mary was come where Jesus was," (he oun Mariam hos elthen hopou hen lesous) "Then Mary as she came where Jesus was," outside the village still, Joh 11:30.

2) "And saw him, she fell down at his feet," (idousa auton epesen autou pros tous podas) "Upon seeing him, she fell at his feet," prostrate before Him, showing more intensive grief than Martha the counterpart sister of her, who was more like Peter.

3) "Saying unto him, Lord," (legousa auto kurie) "Saying to him intimately, Lord," or Master, supposing in grief that what she was saying was true, expressing her faith in the love of Jesus for Lazarus and his family, Joh 11:1-3. Her faith was affirmed by Martha, Joh 11:21 and the Jews Joh 11:37.

4) "If thou hadst been here," (ei hes hode) "if you had been here," supposing He would have healed him, not let him have died, a less forceful miracle than that He was about to perform. Often life's greatest victories are snatched from life's greatest trials and despair of hope.

5) "My brother had not died." (ouk an mou apethanen ho adelphos) "My brother would not have died.-This was an expression of total faith, not a complaint, But He who is able often also purposes to do for men exceeding abundantly above that they are able to ask or think, Eph 3:20.

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