John 11:30 Commentary - Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary

1) "Now Jesus was not yet come into the town," (houpo de eleluthei ho lesous eis ten komen) "However Jesus had not yet come into the village,'' of Bethany, inside the village, but had delayed outside and nearby. He forces Himself on no one in an hour of trial, but comes near enough to call the weary and needy one, offering His help, but forcing Himself on no one in salvation or service.

2) ''But was in that place where Martha met him.'' (all' hen eit en topo hopou hupentesen auto he Martha) ''But he was yet in the place near the burial-place, where Martha (had) met him," just outside Bethany, perhaps with the disciples who had journeyed with Him from where He had been laboring in Bethabara (Bethany) of Perea, beyond Jordan, Joh 1:28; Joh 10:40-42; Joh 11:3; Joh 11:6-7; Joh 11:20.

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