John 11:29 Commentary - Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary

1) "As soon as she heard that," (ekeine de hos ekousen) "Then that one (Mary) when she heard," the very moment she heard, she resolved to leave her grieving behind and obey the voice of her Lord; She resolved promptly and joyfully "not slothful in business," Rom 14:11.

2) "She arose quickly," (egeiretai tachu) "She rose up quickly," sprang up with elation, gladness, and joy, to abandon her broken hearted grieving. Though Mary was the quiet one of the sisters, quiet ones often have great energies under adversities and in emergencies. She "made haste" to obey, as Zacchaeus had done at the Lord's bidding, Luk 19:5.

3) "And came unto him." (kai ercheto pros auton) "And approached him," or came to Jesus, of her own volition or will, at His call, a thing every needy soul should do. She acted promptly, at the Master's call or invitation, as every soul should do, Mat 11:28-30; Rev 22:17.

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