John 11:28 Commentary - Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary

1) "And when she had so said," (kai touto eipousa) "And when she had said this," expressed her total faith or trust in Jesus Christ and His word concerning death and life and the resurrection and her deceased brother, Lazarus, Joh 11:20-27.

2) "She went her way," (apelthen) "She went away," by her own choice, leaving Jesus still behind, outside or at the edge of the town, with the caravan or entourage of His disciples, Joh 11:30, after the privacy with Jesus, with John the writer of this Gospel by His side.

3) "And called Mary her sister secretly, saying," (kai ephonesen Mariam ten adelphen autes lathra eipousa) "And she called Mary her sister secretly or privately, saying," not willing to receive and enjoy the comfort Jesus had given her alone, but wanting her sister Mary to share it, the proper spirit of every believer, 2Co 1:3-4.

4) "The Master is come, and calleth for thee." (ho didaskalos parestin kai phonei se) "The teacher is here and calls for you;- But He sent me to tell you to come to Him for comfort and joy. Martha was a witness to Mary, an helper for Jesus' sake, and to meet a need of Mary. Every believer is called of the Lord, Master, and Shepherd, who desires the salvation and best of life for every man. The redeemed are to say so, Psa 107:2; Mat 5:15-16; Act 1:8.

It is a beautiful and comforting thought that He comes to, and calls men to Him, in every condition of life, offering help and hope to all who come, of their own volition, at His call, through nature, through some friend, through the providences of life, through the Word, or through the Spirit, Mat 11:28; Joh 6:37 b; Mar 10:49; Rev 22:17.

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