John 11:25 Commentary - Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary

1) "Jesus said unto her," (eipen auto ho lesous) "Jesus responded to her," to give her a glimpse of what He intended to do for her and her home a few moments later.

2) "I am the resurrection, and the life:” (ego eimi he anatasis kat he zoe) "I am (exist as) the resurrection, and the life;- Joh 6:40-44; Joh 12:25; Joh 12:50. She (Martha) had affirmed that she believed in His prayers to His Father and that He could ask and receive anything He asked of Him, Joh 11:22. But Jesus desired to make her understand that life, "future life," as well as "present life," existed in Him, Joh 1:4; Joh 3:36; 1Jn 5:12; Rev 1:18.

3) "He that believeth in me,'' (ho pisteuon eis eme) "The one who believes in me," who trusts in me for salvation, liberation, or release from death, from the eternal consequences of sin in him, Joh 8:24; Act 4:12; Act 10:43; Rom 1:16; Joh 8:32; Joh 8:36.

4) "Though he were dead, yet shall he live:” (kan apothane zesetai) "Even though he should die, he shall live," live again, beyond the experience of physical death, for all men must die, Ecc 9:5-6; Heb 9:27. For Jesus is the way, the way out of physical and spiritual death which is an alienating power away from God, Heb 2:9; Heb 2:15; Joh 14:6.

This sentiment is further affirmed Isa 26:19; Isa 38:16; 1Jn 1:2; Rom 4:17.

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