John 11:22 Commentary - Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary

1) "But I know," (kai nun oida) "And now and hereafter I know," realize or comprehend, from previous evidence of His power over death, nature, and by His miracles, Joh 3:2; Joh 10:30-31. Martha's strong faith and testimony was equal to the occasion, 1Co 10:13.

2) "That even now, whatsoever thou wilt ask of God," (hoti hosa an aitese ton theon) "That whatsoever you ask (or petition) the true God;- Your Father, within His will, and Jesus would ask only what was right. The whatsoever of "thing" is just as broad as the whosoever of person of Joh 3:16.

3) "God will give it thee." (dosei soi ho theos) "God will give or grant it to you," give heed and respond to your prayer, and He did. She even believed God could give Him power to call her dead brother Lazarus from the grave, Martha had likely heard of His raising Jarius' daughter and the widow's son of Nain and her faith in His goodness and power was unlimited, Mar 5:41-42; Luk 7:13-18.

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