John 11:21 Commentary - Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary

1) "Then said Martha unto Jesus," (eipen oun he Martha pros lesoun) "Then Martha said personally to Jesus;- Like Peter among the twelve apostles, Martha was the energetic, quick spoken, always ready to give advice, and impulsive worker who took advantage of the first opportunity to go out, put people in their place, to greet Jesus, without even letting Mary know He was coming, Joh 11:28-29.

2) "Lord if thou hadst been here," (kurie ei en hode) "Master if you had been here;- With sorrow and regret, without complaint, she gave this testimony of utter faith in Jesus Christ as her Lord and Master, 1Co 12:3. This she did only by the Holy Spirit.

3) "My brother would not have died." (ouk an apethanen ho adelphos mou) "My brother would not have died." This was a mutual faith, expressed by both her and her sister, and later confirmed by many mourners and Jewish friends who had known our Lord's former labors and miracles among them in Judea, and in the Jerusalem area, Joh 11:32; Joh 11:37. Here are three testimonies that Jesus could have kept Lazarus from dying had He been present in his hour of critical illness: 1 ) Martha, Joh 11:21; Joh 11:2) Mary, Joh 11:32; Joh 11:3) Many Jews, Joh 11:36-37.

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