John 11:18 Commentary - Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary

1) "Now Bethany was nigh unto Jerusalem," (en de Bethania engus ton lerosolumon) "Now Bethany was near to Jerusalem," on the Eastside, in Judea, Joh 11:1. It was in walking distance of Jerusalem, so that many Jewish women went out from there to comfort Martha and Mary, Joh 11:19.

2) "About fifteen furlongs off:" (hos apo stadion dekapente) "About fifteen furlongs away," on the East side of the city. One furlong is one eighth of a mile; This means Bethany was about one and seven eighths miles from the city of Jerusalem; This is the place our Lord blessed His church-disciples for the last time on earth, then from where He ascended into heaven, Luk 24:50-53; Act 1:8-11.

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