John 11:16 Commentary - Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary

1) ''Then said Thomas; which is called Didymus,'' (eipen oun Thomas ho legomenos Didumos) "Then said Thomas, the one called twin," Thomas is an Hebrew name and Didymus the Gk. name, meaning a "twin," Mat 10:3; Mar 3:18; Luk 6:15; Act 1:13. He was one of the twelve apostles, known also as the "doubter,'' Joh 14:5; Joh 20:24-25; Joh 20:28.

2) "Unto his fellow disciples," (tois summathetais) "Directly to his fellow-disciples," who had been with them (the church) from the beginning, Joh 15:16; Joh 15:27; Act 1:21-22. In fervent love, tinged with sorrow and melancholy, despair, and vanished hope for his Lord, he said:

3) "Let us also go, that we may die with him." (agomen kai humeis hina apothanomen met'autou) "Let us also go in order that we may die with him," He was convinced that the trip would be fatal to Jesus. Faith and doubt, like the twins Esau and Jacob, contended with each other in his soul. He was at the same time a loyal disciple and apostle and one of foreboding and fear for the physical welfare of Jesus which proved to be correct.

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