John 11:15 Commentary - Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary

1) "And I am glad for your sakes," (kai chairo di' humas) "And I rejoice because of you all," instead of grieving at this point, for He knew what He would do. He desired to be glorified and glorify His Father before the disciples in the miracle that was ahead, Joh 9:3; 2Co 12:9-10.

2) "That I was not there," (hoti ouk hemen ekei) "That I was not out there," in Bethany at the time of his critical illness. For in His presence no man died. And the implication is that Lazarus would not have died had He been there, therefore healing of him would not have had the miraculous influence that raising him from the dead did later, Joh 11:44-45.

3) "To the intent that ye may believe;”- (hina pisteusete) "in order that you all may believe," or have your present belief strengthened, made firmer, or confirmed. His delay brought extended grief to the sisters of Lazarus but good to so many more, Joh 11:45. Out of the sorrow of some, others are caused to rejoice, even as in the birth of a child, Joh 16:21.

4) "Nevertheless let us go to him." (alla agomen pros auton) "But let us go unto him," to ere he is in Bethany, in Judea, Joh 11:1. He knows the "place where they have laid" every man, and will cause them to come forth one day, just as surely as Lazarus was brought forth from the sleep of death, Php_1:21.

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