John 11:13 Commentary - Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary

1 ) "Howbeit Jesus spake of his death:- (eirekei de ho lesous peri tou thanatou autou) "However, Jesus had spoken concerning his (Lazarus') death," Joh 11:14; Joh 11:21; Joh 11:32; Joh 11:37.

2) "But they thought," (ekeinoi de edoksan) "But those disciples thought," perhaps because of His statement of Joh 11:4, "This sickness is not unto death."

3) "That he had spoken of taking a rest in sleep." (hoti peri tes koimeseos tou hupnou legei) "That he spoke concerning the sleep of a slumber (kind)," but this term (koimeseos) with two exceptions in the New Testament, is always used with reference to the sleep of death, while the term (Gk. hupnos) translated "sleep" never refers to death, Joh 11:11.

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