John 10:41 Commentary - Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary

1) "And many resorted unto-him, and said,'' (kai polloi elthon pros auton kai elegon) "And many people came to him and said," among themselves, one to another.

2) "John did no miracle;” (hoti loannes men semeion epoiesen ouden) "That John certainly did no miracle at all," offered no miraculous sign to attest his ministry, except as he preached with holy boldness, Mat 3:1-8.

3) "But all that John spake of this man were true." (panta de hosa eipen loannes peri toutou alethe hen) "Yet all the many things John said concerning this one (concerning Jesus) are true," accurate or correct; He fills the bill in His personal identity of birth, in character, and teachings, and miraculous life-changing deeds that He does, making deaf to hear, dumb to speak, blind to see, the paralytics to walk, the lepers cleansed, the demon possessed (mentally deranged) to be whole, etc., Joh 20:30-31. John had testified "He is mightier than I'' as the Lamb of God, the Life and Light of the world, and the only begotten of the Father, Joh 1:1; Joh 1:3-6; Joh 1:15; Joh 1:27; Joh 1:29; Joh 1:31-34; Mat 3:11.

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