John 10:36 Commentary - Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary

1) "Say ye of him," (humeis legete) "Do you all tell," mean to tell, or charge, directly to Him; Do you wish to stick to your charge about me that I blaspheme? Joh 10:33.

2) "Whom the Father hath sanctified," (hon ho pater hegiasen) "Him whom the Father has sanctified," consecrated, sent forth, set apart as the Son of man, heir redeemer, Joh 1:14; Luk 4:16-21; Isa 11:2-3; Isa 61:1-2; Joh 6:27.

3) "And sent into the world," (kai apesteilen eis ton kosmon) "And commissioned, sent, or mandated (to come) into the world," as He has me, Joh 3:17; Joh 3:34; Luk 19:10; 1Jn 4:9-10; Joh 17:18.

4) "Thou blasphemest;" (hoti blasphemeis) "That you blaspheme," repeatedly, every time you claim to be Divine, as also charged, Mat 9:3; Mat 26:65; Mar 14:64.

5) "Because I said I am the Son of God?'' (hoti eipon huios tou theou eimi) ''Because I said, I am (exist as) the Son of God?'' Php_2:6; Joh 10:29-30. To blaspheme meant to make remarks of intentional reviling of indignity toward God or sacred things, Joh 14:9.

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