John 10:34 Commentary - Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary

1) "Jesus answered them," (apekrithe autois ho lesous) "Jesus responded to them," to those Jews who had charged Him with blasphemy because He had asserted that He was the Son of God, Joh 10:33; in candor, truth, and honesty.

2) "Is it not written in your law," (ouk estin gegrammenon en to nomo humon) "Is it not having been written in your law," asserted, certified in your law, Mosaic law, thus recognizing the Divine authority of Old Testament Scriptures.

3) "I said, ye are gods?" (hoti ego eipa theoi este) "That I said, you all are gods?" alluding to Psa 82:6; Rom 13:1. The term "gods" is used, not to refer to the one true God, or to idol gods, but to the appointed leaders of the Jewish people. The Psalms are therefore referred to in a very general sense as the law.

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