John 10:33 Commentary - Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary

1) "The Jews answered him, saying," (apekrithesan auto hoi loudaioi) "The Jews replied to him," defending the hate and malice in their hearts manifest by the stones they gripped in their hands, Joh 10:32.

2) "For a good work we stone thee not;” (peri kalou ergou ou lithazomen se) "We do not stone you concerning an ideal or good work," any miraculous deed you have done, for they feared the people, if they opposed the physical help He had unquestionably given them, Mar 11:18; Mar 12:12; Luk 12:19-20; Luk 22:2.

3) "But for blasphemy;" (alla peri blasphemias) "But concerning blasphemy;" what He had said that they, rejecting Him as God's Son, considered to be blasphemy. They made the false charge on numerous occasions because there was "evil" in their hearts, as expressed Mat 9:3-4; To claim to be Divine, on an equal plane of truth, righteousness and power with the Father, was blasphemy in their unsaved religious minds, Joh 5:18; Mat 26:65.

4) "And because that thou, being a man," (kai hoti su anthroposen) "And because that you being a man," a complete man, the (heir) Redeemer of mankind, Luk 19:10; Heb 2:9; Heb 2:15.

5) "Makest thyself God." (poieis sea uton theon) "Make yourself God," claiming to be Divine. So they at least got the message that He claimed to be the Son of God, one with the Father, Joh 10:30; Joh 1:14; Joh 3:16-17; Joh 4:9; Joh 17:21-24; Joh 19:7.

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