John 10:3 Commentary - Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary

1 ) "To him the porter openeth," (touto ho thuroros anoigei) "To this one the door keeper opens, - Act 14:27; Act 16:18; 1Co 16:9, the guardian, the paraklete, the Holy Spirit, opens the blind eyes, deaf ears, to the voice of the call of the Shepherd to come to and follow Him, in salvation, safety, rest, and service, Joh 16:7-11, Rev 3:20; Rev 22:17.

2) "And the sheep hear his voice:” (kai ta probata tes phones autou akouei) "And the sheep heed his voice," of instruction and advice, respond obediently to His voice, because they belong to Him, to whom they have come, committed themselves; They know Him, give heed to His call, Joh 10:27; Joh 6:44; 2Ti 1:12.

3) ''And he calleth his own sheep by name," (kai ta idia probata phonei kat' onoma) "And he calls his own sheep according to or by (their) name," Joh 20:16; because He knows and cares for each, with intimate knowledge of every one, He is so interested in names that He enters them in the Lamb's book of life, when they are saved, in order, Rom 16:7; Rev 13:8.

4) ''And leadeth them out." (kai eksagei auta) "And he leads them out," from the fold, into the fields for food and service, Mar 8:24, Luk 9:23.

The sheep should follow, wherever the shepherd leads. The spirit of the sheep should be, ''Wherever He leads, I'll go.


And so it is with the Bible --- we read our Bibles, but unless the Porter openeth, the voices of the evangelists and apostles are but as a pleasant tale. And then there is that other book, the book of nature, which lies open before us. But we hear no sounds in the noisy brook, we see nothing in the opening buds and flowers of early summer; but once the Porter opens the door, then suddenly --"Earth's crammed with heaven, and every common bush afire with God '' Or if we look upon the pages of history. To the natural man they contain only a record of battles, kings, and dynasties, but when the Porter opens wide the door, then we seem to read between the lines. We see how evil haunts the wicked person to destroy him and his seed forever, we see men sowing the wind and in after years, long after the sowing has faded from memory, reaping the whirlwind! To read history without the illumination of the Holy Spirit, is like looking at a beautiful landscape by the pale light of the moon. We see indeed the dark forms of the hills standing out, we note the trees in their solemn gloom; we hear and see the white foam splashing against the rocky shore; but the flowers and blades of grass, the leaves with their countless tints, the life and the color of the whole scene can only be seen by the light of the clear, noon-day sun. So the manifold workings of the Holy Spirit in every successive generation can only be seen when the Porter has opened the door and enlightened our understanding, and given us a right judgement in all things.

- J. L. Spencer

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