John 10:20 Commentary - Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary

1) "And many of them said," (elegon de polloi eks auton)"Then said many of them," of the Jews, those who were frustrated, unsettled about Jesus and His work said, their own nature as children of the devil themselves, Rom 8:7; Mat 15:18; Joh 8:44; 1Jn 3:10; Mat 5:20.

2) "He hath a devil, and is mad;” (diamonion echei kai mainetai) "He has a demon (is demon-obsessed- and he raves," or is mad, a mad-dog man, But it appears that it was rather they who were mad or irrational, Mar 3:2; Act 26:11. Little wonder that they were divided, for the Sadducees among them denied the existence of angels, spirits, and the resurrection, thus not conceding devils existed, see? Act 23:8.

3) "Why hear ye him?" (ti autou akouete) "Why do you all heed him?" or listen to Him at all? The answer is that they saw too much holiness in His character and too much good in His deeds to accept the charge that He had a devil (demon) or was mentally deranged. That Jesus was mad, demon possessed, or deranged, was surely false as well as a similar charge Festus later tried to pin on the apostle Paul, which he refuted, Act 26:24-26.

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