John 10:12 Commentary - Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary

1) "But he that is an hireling, and not the shepherd,'' (ho misthos kai ouk on poimen) "The one who is an hireling and not being (existing as) a shepherd," one who works for wages, as an hired hand without sympathy, compassion, feeling, heart, or love for the sheep, but he is there simply for what he can get for his work; Israel's religious leaders fell to this low plane in olden days, Eze 34:1.

2) "Whose own the sheep are not," (hou ouk estin ta probata idia) "Whose sheep (he attends) are not his own,'' not his own property, Jer 23:1-2, though he is in trust of their care for wages.

3) "Seeth the wolf coming," (theorei ton lukon erchomenon) "He sees the wolf approaching," for the kill, to destroy and scatter the flock, Zec 11:15-16. He becomes a traitor to his trust, a thing that may do as much harm as the kill of the wolf. The wolf doubtless signified the ravages of the Sadducees and the Pharisees against the flock of Jesus, Luk 12:32.

4) "And leaveth the sheep, and fleeth:” (kai aphiesin ta probata kai pheugei) "And he leaves (deserts) the sheep and flees," runs away, rather than resist the wolf and try, at risk of personal danger, to protect the sheep. He leaves, even before the wolf enters the flock, and the battle begins. He cares chiefly for his own safety and welfare, Eze 34:2-6; Zec 11:17.

5) "And the wolf catcheth them, and scattereth the sheep." (kai ho Ikos harpazei auta kai skorpizei) "And the wolf seizes or snatches and scatters them." What the wolf does not kill or mangle he scatters. God's flock, the church, like sheep, need good (ideal) under shepherds today who will not "turn tail" or flee when grievous wolves approach or sneak into the flock; Men of the cloth who know truth and its worthiness and are loyal to their Lord-Superior whose flock they oversee, Act 20:28-30; 1Pe 5:2-4.

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