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(7) And for thy cattle.—In accordance with the benign legislation which obtained during the second Temple, the administrators of the law inferred from this verse, and hence enacted, that the fruit of the seventh year may only be eaten by man at home, as long as the kind is found in the field. As long as the animals eat the same kind in the field thou mayest eat what there is of it in the house, but if the animal has consumed it all in the field thou art bound to remove this kind from the house into the field.” (For the enactment which enjoins the remission of debts in the sabbatical year, see Deu. 15:1-3.) During the second Temple the sabbatical year began on the first day of the month of Tishri, which was the beginning of the civil year. The tillage, however, and the cultivation of certain fields and gardens, were left off in the sixth year. The cultivation of corn-fields ceased from the Feast of Passover, and orchards from Pentecost of the sixth year. The reading of portions of the Law which is enjoined in Deu. 31:10-13, was assigned during the second Temple to the king. At the termination of the seventh fallow year, which coincided with the first day of the Feast of Tabernacles of the eighth year, a wooden platform was erected in the outer court of the Temple, on which the king was seated. The chief of the synagogue took the Book of the Law, and gave it to the head of the synagogue, who gave it to the head of the priests. He gave it to the high priest, and the latter handed it to the king, who stood up to receive it. He then sat down again, and read the following seven sections :—(1) Deu. 1:1 to Deu. 6:3; (2) Deu. 6:4-8; (3) Deu. 11:13-22; (4) Deu. 14:22 to Deu. 15:23; (5) Deu. 16:12-19; (6) Deu. 17:14-20; (7) Deu. 27:1 to Deu. 28:68. The king concluded with the same benedictions, which the high priest pronounced (see Lev. 16:27), only that he substituted the blessing for the festival for the absolution of sins.

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Leviticus 25:7 - Ellicott's Commentary for English Readers (Old and New Testaments)

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Ellicott's Commentary for English Readers (Old and New Testaments)