Leviticus 25:2 Commentary - Ellicott's Commentary for English Readers (Old and New Testaments)

(2) When ye come into the land.—Better, When ye be come into the land, as the Authorised Version renders the same phrase in Lev. 14:34. (See Note on Lev. 19:23.) This is the fourth instance in Leviticus of a law being given prospectively which had no immediate bearing on the condition of Israel. (See Lev. 14:34; Lev. 19:23; Lev. 23:10.) According to the authorities during the second Temple this law came into operation in the twenty-first year after the Israelites entered Canaan. As the conquest of the promised land occupied them seven years (Jos. 14:10), and as the division of it between the different tribes took seven years more (Jos. 18:1, &c.), the real cultivation of the land only began at the end of the second seven years. Hence the first seventh year in which laws of the sabbatical year came into operation was the twenty-first year after their entrance into Canaan.

Then shall the land keep a sabbath.—For which the marginal rendering is “rest,” i.e., a sabbath. For the import of this phrase see Note on Lev. 23:32. The septennial sabbath is to be to the land what the weekly sabbath is to the whole earth. Just as the seventh day is dedicated to God in recognition of His being the Creator of the world, so the seventh year is to be consecrated to Him in acknowledgment that He is the owner of the land. Hence, like the weekly sabbath (Exo. 20:10; Lev. 23:3; Deu. 5:14), the seventh year sabbath is belonging “unto the Lord.” (See Lev. 25:4.)

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