Verses of Deuteronomy 24


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5. Exemption of the Newly Married. He shall not go out with the army, nor be under other (public) obligation for a year, for the sake of his house and wife. See introd. to Deu 20:1-9, and on Deu 20:7, which refers to military service alone. The addition here recalls such royal levies as in 1Sa 8:16, 1Ki 5:13 ff; 1Ki 15:22. Cp. the Babylonian levies which were for service both with the army and on public works (Johns, op. cit. ch. 19). The position of the law just here may be due to its having the same opening as the previous law.

charged with any business ] Lit nor shall there pass over upon him [obligation] with regard to any thing, LXX (omitting preposition before any thing) nor shall any business be thrown upon him.

free for his own household, etc.] free, Heb. naḳî (1Ki 15:22) LXX ἀθῷος . One year, till the child be born. For cheer his wife Vulg. (with different Heb. points) read be happy with his wife.

Deu 24:5 to Deu 25:4. Thirteen Laws of Equity and Humanity

Besides the humane temper common to most of them, and a few cue-words, there are no apparent reasons for their being grouped or for the order in which they occur. They have various openings, mostly conditional, otherwise negative. Three are not in the direct form of address, and two only close with this; the rest are in the Sg. form, except one mixed of Sg. and Pl. Some are peculiar to D, others have parallels in E and H. In particular note the separation of the three laws on pledges, and their use of two different terms for ‘pledge.’ All this suggests a compilation from different sources.

Verses of Deuteronomy 24


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