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1. Michael … the great prince ] i.e. the patron-angel of Israel (Dan 10:13; Dan 10:21).

stand up ] as champion and defender (Dan 11:1; cf. Dan 10:13). Hitherto the power of the ‘prince’ of Greece has been unchecked: now Michael interposes, for his people’s final deliverance.

standeth for ] i.e. protects (Est 8:11; Est 9:16).

a time of trouble ] The expression seems borrowed from Jer 30:7 (where also Israel is spoken of as ‘saved from it’).

such as never was since, &c.] cf. Exo 9:18; Exo 9:24, Joe 2:2, Mar 13:19 (|| Mat 24:21).

shall be delivered ] The period of deliverance here spoken of is the same as the period of redemption described in Dan 7:18; Dan 7:26-27, Dan 9:24.

written in the book ] viz. of life, the register of the living: in Psa 69:28 (cf. Psa 87:6, Exo 32:32) applied to the register of living members of the Theocratic community, which God is represented as keeping. Here, however, the expression is used, not of those living in the present life, but of those destined to share in the glorious life of the end; it is the register of the citizens of the Messianic kingdom’ (Hitz.), including both those who enter it while yet living, and those ( Dan 12:2) who enter it after their resurrection. Cf. Isa 4:3, where those who are worthy to survive the approaching judgement are described as ‘written down unto life [i.e. a glorified, but still earthly life] in Jerusalem.’ The same figure occurs in Enoch xlvii. 3 (‘the books of the living were opened before Him’), cviii. 3 (the names of the wicked ‘will be blotted out of the book of life, and out of the books of the holy ones’); and, applied in a Christian sense, in Php 4:3, Rev 3:5; Rev 13:8; Rev 17:8; Rev 20:12; Rev 20:15; Rev 21:27; cf. Luk 10:20, Heb 12:23, Enoch civ. 1 (‘your names are written before the glory of the Great One’).

Dan 12:1-3. There should be no break here: Dan 12:1-4 forms the concluding part of the angel’s revelation to Daniel; and what is described in Dan 12:1-3 forms the immediate sequel of the fall of Antiochus. The overthrow of the world-power is pictured by the author as accompanied by a season of trial perhaps political convulsions out of which, however, the faithful among God’s people are delivered; a resurrection of Israelites follows; and the age of bliss then begins for the righteous.

( 2) Dan 11:2 to Dan 12:4. The revelation given to Daniel.

This consists of a survey of the history from the beginning of the Persian period down to the time of Antiochus Epiphanes, followed by a description of the Messianic age, to begin afterwards. The description is brief and general in its earlier part, more detailed in the later parts. The angel first refers briefly to the doings of four Persian kings ( Dan 11:2), and of Alexander the Great ( Dan 11:3), with the division of his empire after his death ( Dan 11:4); then narrates more fully the leagues and conflicts between the kings of Antioch (‘the kings of the north’), and of Egypt (‘the kings of the south’), in the centuries following ( Dan 11:5-20); and finally, most fully of all, describes the reign of Antiochus Epiphanes ( Dan 11:21-45), including his conflicts with Egypt, and the persecution of the Jews ( Dan 11:30 b39). The death of Antiochus is followed by a resurrection (of Israelites), and the advent of the Messianic age (Dan 12:1-3). The revelation is intended to shew that the course of history is in God’s hands, and that though it may bring with it a period of trial for His people, this will be followed, at the appointed time, by its deliverance. It is thus designed particularly for the encouragement of those living in the season of trial, i.e. under the persecution of Antiochus; it is accordingly to be ‘sealed up’ by Daniel until then (Dan 12:4).

As is usual in apocalyptic literature (Enoch, Baruch, 2 Esdras, &c.), no names are mentioned; the characters and events referred to being described in veiled language, which sometimes leaves the interpretation uncertain. The Commentary of Jerome is important in this chapter, on account of its preserving notices from writers no longer extant.

Verses of Daniel 12


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