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1 4. The end is come upon the whole land, unsparing destruction from the Lord

This destruction is the fruit of the abominations of the people, their idolatries and crimes ( Eze 7:23). They shall know when it overtakes them that he who inflicts it is Jehovah, God alone.

Second Section. Ch. Eze 3:22 to Eze 7:27

The second section of the Book contains these parts:

(1) Ch. Eze 3:22-27. A preface in which the prophet is commanded to confine himself to his own house, and abandon for a time his public ministry.

(2) Ch. Eze 4:1-4. A series of symbols representing the siege of Jerusalem, the scarcity during it, the pollution of the people in exile among the nations, and the terrible fate of the inhabitants on the capture of the city.

(3) Ch. Eze 5:5-17. Exposition of these symbols.

(4) Ch. 6. Prophecy against the mountains of Israel, the seats of Idolatry.

(5) Ch. 7. Dirge over the downfall of the state.

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