Verses of Ezekiel 46


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Eze 46:1-7. Offerings for the Sabbath and new moon

The prince was under obligation, besides providing for the great festivals of unleavened bread or passover and tabernacles (Eze 45:21; Eze 45:25), and for the special new moons in the first and seventh months (Eze 45:18; Eze 45:20), to furnish offerings also for the sabbaths and the ordinary new moons. The east gate of the inner court was kept shut six days of the week (the outer was always shut), but opened on the sabbaths and also on the new moons ( Eze 46:1). On these days the prince came by way of the porch and advanced as far as the door-posts of the inner gate, where he worshipped while the priests were offering the burnt and peace-offerings ( Eze 46:2). The gate remained open till the evening. While the prince could come as far as the threshold of the inner gate the people stood without before the inner east gate to worship ( Eze 46:3).

Ch. Eze 45:18 to Eze 46:24 . The offerings to be made at the feasts and other appointed seasons

(1) Eze 45:18-25 . Offerings at the feasts.

(2) Eze 46:1-11. Offerings for the sabbaths and new moons.

(3) Eze 45:12. Voluntary offerings of the prince.

(4) Eze 45:13-15. The daily burnt-offering.

(5) Eze 45:16-18. Case of the prince alienating any part of his landed estate to his children or servants.

(6) Eze 45:19-24. Kitchens for boiling the offerings eaten by the priests, and those partaken of by the people.

Verses of Ezekiel 46


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