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14. But Zion said ] Zion is the city of Jerusalem personified (cf. Isa 49:16) and, by a common O.T. figure, conceived as the mother of the citizens (see further on Isa 49:21). This is no doubt the primary reference of the figure, but since the city derives its religious significance from its being the centre of the national life, Zion really represents the nation of Israel, as in ch. Isa 40:2. Hence the complaint of this verse is the same as was previously heard from the lips of Israel (ch. Isa 40:27).

my Lord ] Better, as R.V. the Lord. The word when pointed, as here ( ’Adônâi), is always equivalent to Jehovah. The suggestion that it may be used in the sense of “husband” (as Gen 18:12) would demand a different vocalisation ( ’Ădônî). But although the idea of Jehovah as the husband of Zion was undoubtedly present to the prophet’s mind (Isa 50:1, Isa 54:6) it does not emerge in this verse.

Ch. Isa 49:14 to Isa 50:3. The Consolation of Zion

(i) Isa 49:14-21. In an apostrophe to Jerusalem the prophet announces the speedy return of her population and the rebuilding of her waste places. The poetry of the passage is singularly beautiful, and charged with tender emotion. Zion, the idealised city, is the wife of Jehovah, and the mother of her inhabitants. Although she now thinks of herself as rejected and barren ( Isa 49:14), she is assured of the unchanging love of her God ( Isa 49:15-16) which will soon be manifested in her restoration to the joy of motherhood (17 20). The ecstasy of amazement and delight with which she recognises and welcomes her children ( Isa 49:21) is finely opposed to the opening picture of her desolation and despondency. Note also the contrast between the whole conception and the fate of the “virgin daughter of Babylon” (Isa 47:8-9).

(ii) Ch. Isa 49:22 to Isa 50:3. Three oracles, confirming the promise to Zion.

(1) Isa 49:22-23. On a signal from Jehovah the nations shall bring home the scattered children of Zion; nay, their kings and queens shall esteem it an honour to foster the newly-formed community.

(2) Isa 49:24-26. No earthly power can interpose between Jehovah and the deliverance of His people; Israel is His lawful prey, and none shall pluck them from Him (see the notes below). In thus representing the deliverance as effected by force, the prophet no doubt has in view the one nation that would not obey the signal of Isa 49:22.

(3) Isa 50:1-3. Lastly, there exists no legal impediment to the redemption of Israel; Jehovah has issued no sentence of formal rejection against His people, nor has anyone acquired the rights of a creditor over them ( Isa 49:1). He therefore expresses surprise that there is so little response to the promise of salvation, so little faith in His almighty power.

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