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Jehovah’s fresh proclamation of His sovereignty is once more the initial watchword, as in Psalms 93, 97 (cp. Psa 96:10), and doubtless this Psalm belongs to the same period. Its distinctive idea is expressed in the threefold refrain [ Psa 99:3 ; Psa 99:5 ; Psa 99:9). It is a call to all nations, and especially to His own people, to worship Jehovah as the thrice Holy God. The unceasing adoration which is evoked in heaven by the contemplation of the absolute moral perfection of God (Isa 6:3) should find an echo upon earth.

The Psalm consists of three stanzas: the refrain in Psa 99:3 ; Psa 99:5 ; Psa 99:9 may possibly have been intended to be sung as a liturgical response.

The universal sovereignty of Jehovah who has established His throne in Zion (Psa 99:1-3); the righteous character of His rule in Israel (Psa 99:4-5); and His faithfulness in His dealings with His people manifested in their history (Psa 99:6-9), are successively celebrated; and each stanza ends with a call to worship and extol Him as the Holy God; the first (Psa 99:3) addressed to the nations, the second and third (Psa 99:5; Psa 99:9) to Israel.

Verses of Psalms 99

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