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The occasion of this Psalm has already been discussed in the Introduction to Psalms 75. Its structure is clearly marked, and should be compared with that of Psalms 46. It consists of four stanzas of three verses each, the close of the first and third being marked by Selah.

i. God has once more revealed Himself in Zion, by shattering the power of the foes which assailed her (Psa 76:1-3).

ii. Triumphantly He returns from the scene of their discomfiture, where hero and warrior, chariot and horse, lie still in death (Psa 76:4-6).

iii. None can resist Him when He puts forth His power as Judge and Saviour (Psa 76:7-9).

iv. Man’s opposition does but enhance His glory. Let Israel render due thanksgiving, and the neighbouring nations pay fitting homage, to Him Who subdues kings and princes at His will (Psa 76:10-12).

On the title, For the chief Musician, on stringed instruments. A Psalm of Asaph, a Song, see Introd. pp. xxi, xxiv. The LXX adds, as in Psalms 80, with reference to the Assyrian.

Verses of Psalms 76

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