Verses of Psalms 64

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The theme of this Psalm is God’s judgement upon the enemies of the righteous. It falls into two main divisions, in each of which the verses are arranged in pairs.

i. The Psalmist confidently appeals to God for protection against the secret plots and open attacks of evil-doers (Psa 64:1-2), who are bent on ruining innocent men by slander and intrigue (Psa 64:3-4), and flattering themselves that they have nothing to fear, prosecute their designs with an evil inventiveness and determination (Psa 64:5-6).

ii. But surely and suddenly the arrow of God’s judgement will pierce them, and their plots will recoil upon themselves, to the scorn of all beholders (Psa 64:7-8). In their fate men will recognise the hand of God, and the righteous will rejoice in this proof of His providence (Psa 64:9-10).

Thus the Psalmist’s present and personal need is merged in the larger question of the punishment of the persecutors of the righteous; and the certainty of their punishment as the consequence of their sin is proclaimed in a tone of prophetic authority. The Ps. has its distinctive peculiarities, though numerous parallels of thought and language are to be found in other Psalms. Cp. especially 5, 7, 10, 11, 12, 14, 36, 5255, 57, 58.

Verses of Psalms 64

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