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In the crisis of her uttermost peril Jehovah has proved Himself the protector of Zion (Psa 48:1-8): and the citizens of the rescued city are bidden to deepen their sense of His mercy by reflecting on the marvellousness of the deliverance vouchsafed to them (Psa 48:9-14). The Ps. is the companion and counterpart to Psalms 46. There the Presence of God in the midst of Zion as the guarantee of her safety, here the safety of Zion which is the result of that Presence, is the leading idea. Reasons have already been given for believing that the Psalm celebrates the escape of Jerusalem from Sennacherib’s threatened vengeance. It is the work of an eyewitness of the deliverance: it appeals to those who knew from what imminent peril they had been saved. The parallels with Isaiah’s prophecies of the time, especially with ch. 33, written partly before (Psa 48:1-12), partly after (Psa 48:13-14) the destruction of Sennacherib’s host, should be carefully studied.

This Ps. is appointed as a proper Ps. for Whitsunday. Zion is the type of the Christian Church, and the Ps. which celebrates the glory of Zion and her safety under the care of her Divine protector is an appropriate Psalm for the festival which is the birthday of the Church.

Title. A Song; a Psalm of the Sons of Korah (R.V.). A Song is the general term: a Psalm further defines it as intended for instrumental accompaniment. See Introd. p. xix f. The LXX adds, “for the second day of the week,” and we know from the Mishnah that the Psalm was recited on that day by the Levites in the Temple Services. See Introd. p. xxvii.

Verses of Psalms 48

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