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This Psalm presents two contrasted pictures: one of the godless principles and conduct of the man who has made deliberate choice of evil; the other of the universal and inexhaustible lovingkindness of God. From the prevailing wickedness around him (to which he is in danger of falling a victim, Psa 36:11), the Psalmist turns for relief and comfort to contemplate the goodness of God. The wicked man may deny God’s Providence and defy His judgements, but to the eye of faith His goodness is supreme, and His judicial righteousness will ultimately be triumphant. The contemplation of that goodness brings the folly of deserting God into strong relief, and suggests the greatness of the loss which man incurs by his apostasy.

The abruptness of the transition from Psa 36:1-4 to Psa 36:5 ff. has suggested the hypothesis that we have here parts of two Psalms, which have been combined by an editor. But the hypothesis is unnecessary. The two parts are related like the two members of an antithetic proverb (e.g. Pro 14:22); and the reader is left to interpret the connexion for himself. Moreover the connexion of thought and language in Psa 36:11-12 with Psa 36:1-4 is decidedly in favour of the unity of the Psalm.

The structure of the Psalm is clear and simple.

i. The principle of godlessness (Psa 36:1-2), and the practical results to which it leads (Psa 36:3-4).

ii. The gloriousness of God’s attributes (Psa 36:5-6), and His beneficence to man (Psa 36:7-9).

iii. Prayer for blessing (Psa 36:10), and protection (Psa 36:11); and confident anticipation of the overthrow of the wicked (Psa 36:12).

For the title servant of the Lord in the inscription comp. the inscription of Psalms 18; and Psa 35:27.

Verses of Psalms 36

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