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An urgent cry for audience ( Psa 28:1-2) is followed by a prayer that the Psalmist may be delivered from sharing the fate of evil-doers and hypocrites, and that they may receive the retribution which is the fitting punishment of their blind disbelief ( Psa 28:3-5). Suddenly the Psalmist breaks into joyous thanksgiving. His prayer is answered, or faith guarantees that it will be answered ( Psa 28:6-7); and the Psalm concludes with an intercession for the people ( Psa 28:8-9).

The Psalm is a companion to Psalms 26. The circumstances are similar, but here the danger is yet more pressing. Cp. Psa 28:3 with Psa 26:9-10. The Psalmist is in imminent peril of death. He fears that he may share the fate of the godless. Was there a pestilence raging, which threatened to sweep away righteous and wicked without distinction? There he pleads his own integrity, here the iniquity and the godlessness of the wicked, as the reason for discriminating. Jehovah will manifest His justice alike in sparing the righteous and punishing the wicked.

The Psalm is however commonly thought to have been written by David during his flight from Absalom, Psa 28:3 then alludes to the character of the treacherous conspirators, and Psa 28:5 refers to their obstinate refusal to recognise the hand of Jehovah in David’s choice and elevation to the throne; while the concluding prayer is such as the king might well offer for a people torn by intestine quarrels.

Verses of Psalms 28

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