Verses of Psalms 15

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Who is worthy to be a citizen of Zion, to dwell in the immediate presence of Jehovah, to enjoy His protection and blessing (Psa 15:1)? The question is first answered in general terms (Psa 15:2). None but the man of integrity, justice, and truthfulness. Then, in Psa 15:3-5, special instances are given, illustrating the way in which his conduct has been governed by these principles. The Psalm concludes with a promise of blessing.

The fulfilment of man’s duty to his neighbour is a primary condition of fellowship with God. It is in this that his ‘integrity’ (see on Psa 15:2) is tested and finds expression. Cp. Mat 19:16 ff.; Rom 13:8-10; 1Jn 4:20-21; and the Epistle of St James generally.

The Psalm is closely related to Psalms 24, which is generally thought to have been written for the translation of the Ark to the tent which David had prepared for it in Zion (2Sa 6:17), and it may belong to the same period. The title holy mountain is no objection to this view. It does not necessarily imply that the Ark had already long been there. Zion would at once be consecrated by Jehovah’s Presence. And such a solemn occasion would be a most fitting opportunity for inquiring what kind of conduct was required of those into whose midst a Holy God had come or was about to come (Lev 11:44-45).

Compare generally Psa 24:3-5; Psa 5:4-7; Psalms 101; Isa 33:13-16.

This Psalm is fitly appointed as one of the Proper Psalms for Ascension Day. Christ entered into the Presence of God, after fulfilling all its requirements in a perfect human life.

Verses of Psalms 15

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