Verses of Psalms 13

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From the darkness of despair (Psa 13:1-2) the Psalmist wins his way through prayer (Psa 13:3-4) to a joyous hope of ultimate deliverance (Psa 13:5-6).

His power of endurance is well-nigh spent. Jehovah seems to have forgotten or forsaken him. His own resources are exhausted. If Jehovah does not come to his help, he must succumb, and his enemies will triumph. But past reliance on Jehovah has not been vain; and he ends with a full assurance that he will live to praise Him for renewed deliverance.

Such may have been David’s feelings when he had been for some time a hunted fugitive (1Sa 27:1). The language is general, but one foe in particular stands out ( Psa 13:2 ; Psa 13:4) above the rest of his ‘adversaries’ as specially powerful and relentless (1Sa 18:29; 1Sa 24:4; 1Sa 26:8). If the Psalm is David’s, it belongs to a somewhat later time than Psalms 7.

Verses of Psalms 13

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