Verses of Psalms 117

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The shortest of the Psalms is one of the grandest. Its invitation to all nations to join in praising Jehovah for His goodness to Israel is virtually a recognition that the ultimate object of Israel’s calling was the salvation of the world. Cp. Psalms 67; Psa 22:27; Psa 86:9. It is in the truest sense a Messianic Psalm, and it is quoted by St Paul in Rom 15:11 as one of the Scriptures which foretold the extension of God’s mercy to the Gentiles in Christ.

The occasion of the Psalm may have been the restoration of Israel from exile (cp. Psa 98:2-3), or some subsequent special proof of God’s goodness towards His people.

Owing to its brevity it is joined to the preceding or the following Psalm in many MSS; but it is not suitable either as the conclusion of the one, or as the beginning of the other.

Verses of Psalms 117

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