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Psalms 113-118 form the Hallel, or Hymn of Praise, which according to Jewish liturgical usage is sung at the three great Festivals of Passover, Pentecost, and Tabernacles, at the Festival of the Dedication, and at the New Moons (with the exception of the New Year). At the domestic celebration of the Passover, Psalms 113, 114 are sung before the meal, Psalms 115-118 after it, when the fourth cup has been filled. It was probably the hymn sung by our Lord and His disciples before they left the upper chamber (Mat 26:30; Mar 14:26). This group of Psalms is also called the Egyptian Hallel (Psa 114:1).

The term Great Hallel is also used, but ancient Jewish authorities were not agreed as to its meaning. According to one view it denoted Psalms 136; according to another, Psalms 120-136; according to a third, Psalms 135, 136. (Levy-Fleischer, Neuhebr. Wörterbuch, i. 473 a.)

The choice of three Psalms from the Hallel (113, 114, 118) as the Proper Psalms for Evensong on Easter Day marks the connexion of the Christian Festival with the Jewish Festival which it succeeded.

This Psalm evidently belongs to the post-exilic period, and expresses the gratitude of Israel for its restoration from the Captivity. It is “a connecting link between the Song of Hannah and the Magnificat of the Virgin” (Bp Perowne).

It is a call to praise Jehovah, Who, though enthroned in majesty in heaven, condescends to care for the weak and lowly on the earth. It consists of three equal stanzas.

i. A call to the universal and unceasing praise of Jehovah (Psa 113:1-3).

ii. His exaltation and condescension (Psa 113:4-6).

iii. Instances of His condescension (Psa 113:7-9).

Verses of Psalms 113

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