Verses of Psalms 11

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The Psalmist’s situation is desperate. His life is in peril. Fainthearted friends counsel flight. Wickedness is in the ascendant and irresistible. Indignantly he repudiates their suggestion. Jehovah is his protector. It would be the act of unbelief as well as cowardice to seek any other refuge. Triumphantly he proclaims his faith that Jehovah is the righteous Governor of the world, Who will destroy the wicked and welcome the righteous into His Presence.

The points of connexion between this Psalm and Psalms 5, 7, 10, 17, should be studied. If they are David’s, so may this be. It is strikingly appropriate to the circumstances of his life at the court of Saul, and to this period it should be referred, rather than to the time when Absalom’s conspiracy was hatching. David was in a position of responsibility (1Sa 18:13; 1Sa 18:16; 1Sa 18:30) which he could not abandon without clear indication that it was his duty to do so; the jealousy of the mad king grew daily, until at last he plainly expressed his wish to be rid of David (1Sa 19:1). Doubtless many of his rivals at the court were ready enough to take his life; but so popular a leader could not be openly murdered. They must wait for an opportunity of despatching him secretly. Meanwhile his friends advised him to secure his safety by flight, and argued that it was hopeless to continue an unequal struggle, when right was subverted by the action of the central authority of the state. But the time for flight had not come, and conscious of his rectitude, David resolves to face the danger in confident assurance that Jehovah will protect him.

The Psalm consists of two equal stanzas of three verses each, with a concluding verse.

i. The suggestions of faint-hearted friends (Psa 11:1-3).

ii. The true ground of confidence (Psa 11:4-6).

iii. The outlook of faith (Psa 11:7).

Verses of Psalms 11

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