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Chap. 36 37. Elihu’s Fourth Speech

In his former speeches Elihu was more theoretical, being intent upon correcting the false principles in regard to God enunciated by Job (see headings to ch. 33, 34, 35); in his present speech he is more practical and hortatory. He keeps still before him the same great object, namely to present just thoughts of God; but having in the former speeches corrected the false ideas of Job he proceeds now, more positively, to present his own elevated conceptions of the Creator.

The object of the passage is to extol the greatness of God in all His operations, both among men and in the world. Thus the passage falls into two parts,

First, ch. Job 36:1-25; in which the greatness of God in His providential treatment of men is extolled. Here the speaker gives a fuller statement of his theory of the meaning of the afflictions sent on men by God ( Job 36:1-15); and exhorts Job to recognise God’s purpose in his sufferings, and to unite with all men in exalting Him.

Second, ch. Job 36:26 ch. 37.; in which the greatness and wisdom and unsearchableness of God, as these are manifested in the phenomena of the heavens, are magnified (ch. Job 36:26 to Job 37:13); and Job is exhorted to lay these great wonders to heart, and bow beneath the wisdom and power of God, who far transcends man’s comprehension (ch. Job 37:14-24).

Chap. Job 36:1-25. God’s gracious designs in afflicting men; and exhortation to Job to unite with all men in extolling his greatness

First, Job 36:1-4. In some words of introduction Elihu beseeches Job to listen to him still further, for he has yet something to say on God’s behalf; and he will speak what is true, for he has perfect knowledge.

Second, Job 36:5-15. Then he proceeds to his theme, the greatness of God. This is a greatness of mind and understanding, which does not despise the weak, but rules all with goodness and wisdom. Afflictions are but instances of this gracious wisdom, for by them He opens the ear of men to instruction.

Third, Job 36:16-25, application of this doctrine of the meaning of afflictions to Job God is through them alluring him into a prosperous and happy life. And the speaker adds a warning against murmuring, and an exhortation to adore and magnify as all men do the great God.

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