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Chap. 33. Elihu’s First Reply to Job. Job’s complaint that God displays an arbitrary hostility to him, and refuses to hear any appeal of men is unfounded. god speaks to men in many ways

The following may be taken as an outline of the chapter:

First, Job 33:1-7, Elihu in some introductory words bespeaks Job’s attention. He addresses Job by name, and, full of confidence in his ability to answer his complaints, invites him to attend to his words ( Job 33:1-2), and assures him of his sincerity ( Job 33:3-4). He desires Job to reply to him, for he is a man like himself, and has no imposing authority or presence to overpower Job, who had often complained that God’s power overawed him and prevented him from justifying himself ( Job 33:5-7).

Second, Job 33:8-13, Elihu then refers to Job’s complaint against God, reproducing passages from his speeches in which he said that God afflicted him unjustly, though he was innocent; that He displayed an arbitrary hostility to him; and refused to hear any appeal. Elihu refutes these charges by the general consideration (a favourite one with him) that to act in such a way is unworthy of God, who is greater than men, and whose ways are unlike theirs.

Third, Job 33:13-28, taking up more formally Job’s complaint that God refuses to answer man, Elihu replies that God does speak to man in many ways; first ( Job 33:14-18) in dreams, to instruct him and turn him away from pride and from sin that might end in death; and second ( Job 33:19-28) by angelic messengers in the midst of afflictions, who shew to man what is right. If the sinner thus warned takes his instruction to heart, he is restored to health and prosperity, and in his thankfulness shews publicly to men God’s mercy, who hath not rewarded him according to his work.

Finally, Job 33:29-33, Elihu sums up the general lesson of his teaching regarding God in the preceding verses and invites Job to reply to it, or if he cannot to listen in silence to further instruction.

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