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Ch. 29 31. Job’s final survey of his whole circumstances and cause

The passage falls into three parts, corresponding to the separate chapters:

First, ch. 29, a sorrowful and regretful retrospect of his past happiness.

Second, ch. 30, a contrasted picture of his present abject condition.

Third, ch. 31, a solemn repudiation of all offences that might account for such a change, and a new entreaty that God would reveal to him the cause of his afflictions.

Ch. 29. A pathetic picture of Job’s former prosperity and respect

The passage has these parts:

First, Job 29:2-10, a sorrowful review of the happiness of former days, in which the things that made up this happiness, now departed, are enumerated: (1) God’s keeping of him ( Job 29:2), His light upon his path ( Job 29:3), and His intimacy and protection over his tent ( Job 29:4); (2) the presence of his children about him ( Job 29:5); (3) the prosperity, almost more than natural, that flowed in upon him in ways unsought ( Job 29:6); and (4) above all the respect and reverence paid him by his fellow citizens, as he sat in their council and went among them ( Job 29:7-10). This last is the great thought that fills the chapter and forms the contrast to the wretchedness and the contempt from the meanest of mankind which he now endures (ch. 30).

Second, Job 29:11-17, the reason of this universal reverence of men for him his benevolence and impartial justice.

Third, Job 29:18-20, an almost involuntary reference to his calm and sure outlook into the future amidst this universal respect.

Fourth, Job 29:21-25, after which the great thought of the passage, his high place among men and the delight which his benevolent intercourse with them was to him, again rushes into his mind.

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