Nehemiah 9 Summary - The Cambridge Bible for Schools and Colleges


Ch. Neh 7:73 b8:12.

The Public Reading of the Law.

13 18.

The Celebration of the Feast of Tabernacles.

Ch. 9.

The National Confession, preliminary to the Covenant.

Ch. Neh 10:1-29.

The Sealing of the Covenant.

30 39.

Certain Obligations of the Covenant.

Chs. 9, 10. The Solemn Covenant

Chapter 9. After the celebration of the ‘solemn assembly’ on the 22nd of the month Tisri one day’s interval is allowed, and on the 24th a special religious function is performed by the whole people, consisting (1) of a humble confession of national sin, (2) of a national covenant to obey the Law. Thus Ezra and Nehemiah availed themselves of the revival of religious enthusiasm to bind the people by a public declaration.

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