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1. And ] The copula has no connexion with the preceding chapter, and probably marks the compilatory character of the passage.

rulers ] R.V. princes.

dwelt at (R.V. in) Jerusalem ] It has been suggested that this clause refers only to ‘the princes,’ who, before Nehemiah took the matter in hand, had resided in the country: in deference to his wishes or yielding to his entreaties these princes now dwelt in Jerusalem. But the difficulty remained how to secure the presence in greater numbers of those who, from lack of means or by reason of trade and occupation, could not so easily change their quarters. This explanation which treats the word ‘dwelt’ as equivalent to ‘came to dwell,’ derives considerable support from the word ‘also’ in the following clause.

Others find the explanation of the verse in the contrast between ‘the princes of the people’ and ‘the rest of the people.’ The former naturally had dwellings in Jerusalem; they lived there because concerned in the government of the community and able to afford a dwelling in the city. The latter, however, for the most part the middle and lower classes, lived in the country; and they, being no less eager than their superiors in rank for the defence of the Holy City, determined to recruit its numbers by a contingent of ten per cent.

cast lots ] Cf. on Neh 10:34.

the holy city ] Jerusalem is so-called also in Neh 11:18. The occurrence of this title in Scripture may be illustrated by Isa 48:2, ‘For they call themselves of the holy city,’ Isa 52:1, ‘O Jerusalem, the holy city,’ cf. Dan 9:24; Joe 3:17. In the N.T. it occurs in Mat 4:5; Mat 27:53; cf. Rev 11:2; Rev 21:2; Rev 21:10; Rev 22:19.

nine parts to dwell in other cities ] R.V. nine parts in the other cities.

‘In the cities,’ as the Hebrew has it, must denote the towns and villages of the country occupied by the Jewish community; cf. Neh 11:20.


Ch. Neh 11:1 to Neh 12:26.


Ch. Neh 12:27-43.

Dedication of the City Walls.

Neh 12:44-47.

Levitical Organization.

Ch. Neh 13:1-3.

Relations with Heathen.

Neh 11:1 to Neh 12:26 . Extracts from Registers and Public Lists

1, 2. Measures taken to increase the number of dwellers in Jerusalem.

This passage seems to take up the thread which had been dropped at Neh 7:4. Nehemiah had been rendered anxious by the fewness of the inhabitants in proportion to the size of the area of the city. The census which he undertook reminded him of the old register which had come to his notice (Neh 7:6-73); the memoirs of Nehemiah were then interrupted by a description of the celebration of the Feast of Tabernacles, and the Solemn Covenant (8 10). The Compiler returning to the subject of the paucity of dwellers in Jerusalem, briefly describes the method adopted of increasing their number, probably epitomizing the account which Nehemiah’s own Memoirs contained.

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