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Chap. 2. The Register of the Return

Chap. 2. contains the register or list of those who returned to Jerusalem, with Zerubbabel, Jeshua, and their companions. The register gives the names in the following order, (1) ‘the men of the people of Israel’ (3 35), (2) the Priests (36 39), (3) the Levites, Singers, Porters, Nethinim, ‘children of the servants of Solomon’ (40 58), (4) miscellaneous (59 63), (5) the sum total, &c. (64 67).

The same list is to be found in Neh 7:6-73, and 1Es 5:7-45 . Certain variations occur both in the names and in the figures, the most important of which will come under notice in the following notes.

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