Verses of 1 Chronicles 18

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Ch. 1Ch 18:1-17 (= 2Sa 8:1-18). A Summary of David’s Foreign Wars. David’s Officials

This chapter like the last is taken from 2 Sam. with a few omissions and variations. The Chronicler paraphrases (1Ch 18:1; 1Ch 18:17), omits (1Ch 18:2), has a different reading (1Ch 18:4; 1Ch 18:8 ; 1Ch 18:10; 1Ch 18:12). In some cases the better reading is in Chron.

The campaigns (except perhaps that against Moab) seem to be narrated In chronological order. David first makes sure of his most pressing enemy the Philistines (1Ch 18:1); then feeling safe towards the S.W. he turns towards the N.E. to secure on the Euphrates a station (valuable for trade) held by the Syrians of Zobah (1Ch 18:3); the Syrians of Damascus fearing to be excluded from the River by David’s success come to the help of their kinsmen (1Ch 18:5); lastly the Edomites, urged perhaps by the Syrians to make a diversion in their favour and thinking it safe to attack Judah during the absence of David, join in the war, but are signally defeated by a detachment under Joab and Abishai (1Ch 18:12).

The war with Moab (1Ch 18:2) is surprising, if it took place at an early date in David’s reign, for he seems to have been on specially friendly terms with the king of Moab during his exile; cp. 1Sa 22:3-4 and Kirkpatrick on 2Sa 8:2.

Verses of 1 Chronicles 18

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